Thursday, May 19, 2011

taonga time

Every Friday for an hour and a half the year 7 and 8 student have taonga time to learn about different passions of the teachers .
We all have 6 groups of what we are going to do

team building with Mr Barks,kapa haka with ms Tito ,music with Mr J,sport with Ms Va’afussnga ,science with Mr Harris,and I.C.T with ms Tele’a .Right now i am doing sport with the lovely teacher ms va’afussnga on our first time together we all had a card of what was the skills of playing rugby.
I felt so happy when i found out that i was in miss ms va’afussnga group cause on the end of the term i now all the skills to play sport.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lesley createtivity name

In Room 22 we have been learning about creativity,creativity is an act of turning new imagination ideas also it is a ability to create new things in your life for example you could create new ideas to be inspired to have that vision.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

term 1 reflection.

One of the things i was pleased about last term was that I was in a perfect class. because if all my friends were in this class I would talk to them instead of doing what I'm suppose to do .
I feel alright about this but as long as I'm doing well in my work.

improve : art

the most thing i want to improve on this term is my art .because on my report last term i had received a 7 out of 12 which that was good but i knew i would do better if i didn't mark around on my art time.


during term one i didn't really care about my work but then as i received a 7 out of 12 my for art that when i knew all the stuff that i miss out was important to my life.