Thursday, August 30, 2012

Neil Armstrong

Born on the 5th of august 1930 was an American hero who said “One small  step for a man,one giant leap for mankind” He said it when he was achieving his goal to be the first man to step on the moon , His name was Neil Armstrong.following his way  to earth been a hero.

mourns the loss of America Neil armstrong had sadly passed away on August 25th 2012,as we was in earth he didn't really like been a hero he liked to keep things to himself.He will never been forgotten and well always remember him as the first man to step onto the moon ! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

During the last 3 weeks room 20 has been going to the life education caravan. For those who don’t know what it is it a education caravan where you find out how to look after yourself and what’s in your body.This time  for us year 7 and 8’s it was time to talk about how bad smoking and drinking is and how it affects your body.

Smoking makes you get addicted to it. It has some chemicals that are really bad for your body especially when you're already having health problems. The nicotine chemical makes you crave for more and more. Thats why I am going to tell some facts about smoking to try to persuade not to ever touch them.

Unfortunately at the ages of 14 and below there are kids who have started  smoking or drinking.  They think it makes themselves look cool or they want to blend in with their friends who smoke. But to me I think that it’s really not good.

If you ever start smoking sometime in your life you may get  addicted to it. A cigarette  may be small but contains about 4,000 chemicals, many of which are poisonous. Some of the worst ones are: Nicotine ,Arsenic, Methane, Ammonia, Cadmium, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Butane, Hydrogen Cyanide. They are the same chemicals you find in odd places: deadly poison rat poison, component of rocket fuel, floor cleaner, things used in batteries, parts of car exhaust, something used to preserve body tissue, lighter fluid, and the poison used in gas chambers.

So every time you inhale cigarette smoke  you get more of a chance of dying at a young age from a cancer. Even if you try a little bit of smoking it stills attacks your lungs and other body parts.

For you smokers out there, you may not think about what might happens or how you will look in the future but it makes you really unfit.

One of my friend was really good at playing netball she even got picked for the reps. but unfortunately she had moved to college and hung around with some students who smoked. She decided to try it and now  these days she smokes everyday. I asked her if she still played netball. “No, “ she said,  “Because I'm not fit enough!”

SO if you haven't been thinking about stopping, you need to think really hard about how it affects your family and friends. Think about the cost. If you didn't need to buy those smokes  you could buy useul things with the money you save. Money that you could buy something like food ,clothes and other things. DON’T SMOKE!!