Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our thinking skill activity

This morning room 22 had to get into groups of 3 for a thinking activity. What we had to do was to solve a problem. Miss Tito gave each group a question to solve and 5 cards that has pictures of the items that we only can use. In my group I had Emilee and Raven and our card items that we had was a tennis racket, lunch box, hair brush, video tape and a kete and with those 5 items we had to solve a problem that was "How to make a butterfly house?".

It was a very confusesing problem to solve to make a butterfly house with those 5 items, but a really fun activity to do I hope Miss Tito would let us do this again.


  1. Hey Lesley

    That does sound like a very confusing problem, I imagine you had a lot of fun putting those together.

    I would have liked to hear about your ideas on how to make the Butterfly house.

    Surely if you ask nicely Miss Tito will let you have a go at this again but maybe with a different question so you have more of a challenge :p

    Have fun and keep writing :)

  2. Hi Lesley,

    What a interesting activity you and your class have done. It must have been hard work trying to solve it all out.

    Hope to see more,



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