Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My highlight for this year

The thing I really liked about this year was that I was in a really cool class. I was happy that I was in Room 22 because Miss Tito was our teacher. I really didnt know things about Miss Tito in the beginning of the year but all I knew was that everyone says that shes a really cool teacher.

In the beginning of this year we had a camp running it was year 5 to 8. At camp I got to know some people I didnt know last year and to also to get along with the primary kids.

My highlight of this year was the fun Friday when all the classes came together in the bottom field on the bottom field we all had to do was that each class goes to their teachers and start of with activities at end our class had a water ballon fight.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My netbook refections

In our school our year 5 to 8 student's all have a netbook to work on.this year everyone got there netbooks received.the year 7 and 8's also get's to take it home in term 3.

The reason why i really enjoy doing my work on my netbook be cause i can play and learn and to also find more information about things i wanted to know and instead of waiting to go on a computer to search it up but as we have our netbooks we can search up when ever we need help.

The thing i didn't like about netbooks was that sometimes when you do something it doesn't do anything and then it tells you to quit but when i quit it doesn't save anything, but apart from that netbooks are really cool to work with.

Last year i was really stuck in my learning because i didn't really understand what the subject was meaning. but this year as we all have netbooks when i need more information about it i search it up.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our thinking skill activity

This morning room 22 had to get into groups of 3 for a thinking activity. What we had to do was to solve a problem. Miss Tito gave each group a question to solve and 5 cards that has pictures of the items that we only can use. In my group I had Emilee and Raven and our card items that we had was a tennis racket, lunch box, hair brush, video tape and a kete and with those 5 items we had to solve a problem that was "How to make a butterfly house?".

It was a very confusesing problem to solve to make a butterfly house with those 5 items, but a really fun activity to do I hope Miss Tito would let us do this again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The last week and so.

The last 2 weeks room 22 has been all over the place because most of our class has been in the hall or in other classes.

The reason why people are going in and out of there class room is becausewe have a prodecution coming up the end of term 3

we have a group of people doing percution for the producation and thier is another group that im not in it ,most of the time when we all go together then the next minute later Mr Jacobsen these a call out for "alll actors and extras to go to the hall" that when it start when everyone went everywhere.

I felt really happy that we get to do rehersal instead of doing our work in class,i cant wait to perform!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maths whizz

At the moment room 22 has been on maths whizz ,maths whizz is a website of fun numbers and games it is very fun to go on because you can learn and play the same time right now i am working on pencil and paper session it is a good website to go on.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

last day with mrs richard's

"We should do something for Mrs Richard while it her last day here" most of room 22 said in a quite voice.

last Friday a kind lady name Mrs Richard was leaving our school she was a student teacher that had help us a lot and that had cared for us, Mrs Richard took the people who had brang they homework, they get to cook a very special treat for the class like doubling.

"Miss Tito can we do a video of us interviewing the class?"Me and henry asked her.
"Yes go in the green screen room"okay i replied
well we were on our way to the green screen room i knew that the door was lock qiuckly got the key from Mrs Langitupu and interviewed the class.1.2.3. there i go saying thank you for everything and telling her how kind she is.

Thank you for everything that you done for us Mrs Richard for everything you have done for us
and we know that we are so lucky to have you in our class hope you come back and visit our class again .

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

our champions

“Shot boys, go hard on your games !” I shouted with a wild voice. Last week our Rugby 7’s boys represented our school in the Aims Games Tournament in Tauranga. Every time they had played a game Miss Va’afusuaga would tell us if our boys won or not.

Our boys came home Champions’ with a cup because they won every game. Our whole school so happy for their hard work on the field. We even had a special assembly for them and they were very thankful.

I felt very proud of them and I was so happy i even jumped up and down at home and i told my mum she was just saying ohhhh that good but i said it really exciting news.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

my result for the M.I test

At the moment we are learning about our multiple intelligences these are the list of it body/kinesthetic intelligences,mathematical/logical intelligences,verbal/linguistic ,naturalistic intelligences,interpersonal intelligence,interpersonal ,musical intelligences,logical ,visual/spatial.
my top 3 things i have improve on is musical,interpersonal and picture smart
the things i need to work on is logical,interpersonal and naturalistic.

here is my result for my multiple intelligent

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our persentation about Tonga...

On Monday we had a new topic called keep you eye on the ball, so part of our topic it was related to the world cup Ms Tito put us in to pears and in our pears we had to pick our county so my parnter was Victoria and the country we did study about is Tonga.

We hope you enjoy our Persentation.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Desgins furniture for the street ...

design furniture for our street
In our year 7&8 street we have a problem of people who is not respect the
street but the reason why they are not respect it is because there are nothings to respect so instead and all they do is run and shout in the street so what rm 22 doing is trying to make everyone love the street by making new furniture.

The next part of the design process was to research and part of research was to find something one the Internet and had a interesting tables. as me and my partner destiny research for a table there was a similar table to a ipod so what i did was to draw that table but then made a little change about it so that it can be creative then the one that i found.

now to the first design that we did modify so what we did is that we had to generate ideas and to make a final designs.

I feel happy about what i am doing and i hope i do the right thing.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

league session

Room 22 did a league session for one day with suia he is a jnr worriors team.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

science roadshow

On the 9th of june the year 7's and 8 student all went down to tamaki collage for a roadshow to learn about science experiment because it relate to our topic bigger,better,faster,stronger.

Each class has different times to go walks down to tamaki so we all spit in to 6 groups and in six groups there are 4 student
in my group Victoria was my leader and the rest of my group is Beni,Tule,miracle and me we really didn't stay all together we all because we all wanted to go to different themes.

Each group had a piece of paper and on the paper it had question on it.and there is a blank paper to write our notes about things that they didn't know about and that they want to know more about it.

As we were all wonder around in different places i went to a this Conner where one of the doors were i really wasn't sure what that place was called but i pretty had fun staying there,as soon as i saw those card that Paul and Jane was talking about that on that card there has to be more then 2 clicks or just 2 only so as soon as i saw it i grap it so that i could start before time was up so i quickly read it and explain about there it goes i made 4 clicks as soon as Paul said stop.

It was really cool going there an i really want to go back and visited them to learn about more things.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

swimming lesson

For the last 2 weeks the year 7s and 8s student has been going to a swimming lesson during lunch time down at the glen innes swimming pool if your wondering why we are doing it because our country is surround by water and also that when we are in the sea we all know how to swim instead of holding your mum hand and you really wanted to have fun.

every time we get there we go and and put on our togs then always have to have a shower before we hop into the pool first thing we used is the flatter brod next was the freestyle then we did these other thing.

how i felt about going swimming is that i had fun and that i learn something i knew that swimming was important to my life so next time i will always bring my togs to school instead of bringing it on the last week of swimming.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Every Thursdays room 22 goes out to the court to have a session of netball with Emma. On our first session we did chest passes, drills,stretches and we also played a game called corner ball.

For the last 5 weeks we have been doing lessons with her like passing the ball to each other and then we played a short game of netball or kings. What she is trying to do with us is to make us into good players for netball .

I had a lot of fun with her and I know every time I have a netball game I will use the skills she taught me.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

taonga time

Every Friday for an hour and a half the year 7 and 8 student have taonga time to learn about different passions of the teachers .
We all have 6 groups of what we are going to do

team building with Mr Barks,kapa haka with ms Tito ,music with Mr J,sport with Ms Va’afussnga ,science with Mr Harris,and I.C.T with ms Tele’a .Right now i am doing sport with the lovely teacher ms va’afussnga on our first time together we all had a card of what was the skills of playing rugby.
I felt so happy when i found out that i was in miss ms va’afussnga group cause on the end of the term i now all the skills to play sport.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lesley createtivity name

In Room 22 we have been learning about creativity,creativity is an act of turning new imagination ideas also it is a ability to create new things in your life for example you could create new ideas to be inspired to have that vision.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

term 1 reflection.

One of the things i was pleased about last term was that I was in a perfect class. because if all my friends were in this class I would talk to them instead of doing what I'm suppose to do .
I feel alright about this but as long as I'm doing well in my work.

improve : art

the most thing i want to improve on this term is my art .because on my report last term i had received a 7 out of 12 which that was good but i knew i would do better if i didn't mark around on my art time.


during term one i didn't really care about my work but then as i received a 7 out of 12 my for art that when i knew all the stuff that i miss out was important to my life.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

All About Me

Kia ora my name is Lesley and I am a Tongan.
My favourite is lu sipi it is taro leave with meat it is in the islands
I have 5 people living with me and they are Luisa who is my mum, Kellie my sister, my uncle and his wife. I also have 3 half sisters in Australia