Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our thinking skill activity

This morning room 22 had to get into groups of 3 for a thinking activity. What we had to do was to solve a problem. Miss Tito gave each group a question to solve and 5 cards that has pictures of the items that we only can use. In my group I had Emilee and Raven and our card items that we had was a tennis racket, lunch box, hair brush, video tape and a kete and with those 5 items we had to solve a problem that was "How to make a butterfly house?".

It was a very confusesing problem to solve to make a butterfly house with those 5 items, but a really fun activity to do I hope Miss Tito would let us do this again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The last week and so.

The last 2 weeks room 22 has been all over the place because most of our class has been in the hall or in other classes.

The reason why people are going in and out of there class room is becausewe have a prodecution coming up the end of term 3

we have a group of people doing percution for the producation and thier is another group that im not in it ,most of the time when we all go together then the next minute later Mr Jacobsen these a call out for "alll actors and extras to go to the hall" that when it start when everyone went everywhere.

I felt really happy that we get to do rehersal instead of doing our work in class,i cant wait to perform!