Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 (:

2012 was the last year I’ll be a point england student.This year I am a year 8 student and in a class of miss squires  room 20 . My highlights for this year are joining sports teams and trying out new things at camps .my faviourte sports I have been playing this year and through out the time in point England are netball and rugby.The best camp that I have attended was the year 8 camp and riverside. I don't think I'm going to forgot the epic fails I did trying out new things .

My goal for next year is to attend school more often and to try harder in my sports and learning and also be more like a good girl because it looks like i'm going to the same college as my sister and where my mum works.

Thanks teachers and coaches for helping me, I hope I have improved on something. (:

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