Thursday, December 13, 2012

My friend Tina. (:

She’s tall,funny,pretty,looks like her brother when she smiles,good netball player and creative.
I’ve known Tina ever sinces we were little. She has long curly hair that  likes to be done in a ponytail. She also loves to play rugby . It’s funny when she wants to try new things because most of the time she does the epic fail and makes us friends laugh .

people thinks she’s cheerful,crazy, A joker and weird and most of all LOUD.
Her nicknames are : Tina Minaj,Mum, Nana, giant and sometimes joker.
She really have makes the teachers laugh when they're not in a good mood.
She likes to joke around and sing whenever she wants.
Me and Tina may not be best friends but we love to hang around together .
I am lucky to still see her next year at Tamaki college .

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