Monday, March 26, 2012

At the pools

Dashing up the stairs to get in line, I was laughing and scrambling as fast as I could. “ Ha ha we’re here,” I said to Athena.
As we were waiting in line more people came up and pushed in. So Athena and I pushed in front of them. The year 7 boys laughed.

“Yeah! “ I said while eagerly waiting for the green light to go on. A flash of green, and with careful aim I slid into the dark tunnel to go down. I was twisting and turning with fear as I was dying to get out. At last I saw a bright light coming towards me. I was full of excitement because I was finally out of the tunnel


  1. Hey Lesley,

    Great work. I loved reading your writing. My favourite part was the first sentence. It really got me hooked in to the story. I can't really think of trying to make this writing better because it was great. Anyways, keep up the good work.


  2. Hello Lesley,

    What great work Lesley you got about the pools. I loved to read more story's of your's and I hope you learn more interesting thing's.


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