Friday, March 2, 2012

Our school picnic

“YES IT NOT RAINING” I shouted out . On a fine morning our school had an event at the Point England reserve. We had a school picnic. Every year our school has a picnic down at the reserve. When we go to picnics , we always go and meet up at the hall for some important news for when we get there. while we were in the hall , Mr Burt mentioned about boundry’s and our hats , but the most important rule was to have FUN!

As we walked down to the reserve , us Seniors had to be in front of the whole school. It will go on to the little kids. When we were walking we saw heaps of teachers and student with cameras taking photo and filming us. “Finally” I heard some people saying it behind me . Mr Burt had another talk then let us go.

“HMMM?” What should I play first? I asked myself with a sigh. I looked over to the volley ball game and that what I wanted to join in & play. Just then ,I saw it was full already ,so I changed my mind. I suggested to myself that I will wait for the pack of players to go down. At that same moment ,I spotted Sylvia and Mino playing their own volley game. I went up and watched them hit some balls. It took a while for the volley to be free. There I go looking over to the volley ball game , there was still people there but not as many as before. I felt like a bully spiking ,hitting & smacking the balls to the younger ones ,but my team was winning!

After a while I got ready tired & felt exhausted. I then walked to a big part of shade ,but then i had seen miss Va’afussanaga picking up rubbish everywhere ,so I had offered to help her. While me and her were picking up rubbish we were talking about what I had applied for. I love to help miss Va’afusuaga because she is one of the best teacher ‘s in the world. After the beach looked all clean we went to wash our hands and made sure that the little kids were in the boundry that Mr Burt had set. Walking to the shade ,I collapsed onto the ground with a smile on my face.

I had heaps of fun at our school event helping and playing I also was singing and dancing a bit well actually. everyone was happy and we all had fun . Saying to myself when we got to school “I had fun at the picnic but it wasn't the best I've been too “ there was a funny thing that i Just notice about it was my last year taking part of a fun event.

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