Tuesday, September 20, 2011

last day with mrs richard's

"We should do something for Mrs Richard while it her last day here" most of room 22 said in a quite voice.

last Friday a kind lady name Mrs Richard was leaving our school she was a student teacher that had help us a lot and that had cared for us, Mrs Richard took the people who had brang they homework, they get to cook a very special treat for the class like doubling.

"Miss Tito can we do a video of us interviewing the class?"Me and henry asked her.
"Yes go in the green screen room"okay i replied
well we were on our way to the green screen room i knew that the door was lock qiuckly got the key from Mrs Langitupu and interviewed the class.1.2.3. there i go saying thank you for everything and telling her how kind she is.

Thank you for everything that you done for us Mrs Richard for everything you have done for us
and we know that we are so lucky to have you in our class hope you come back and visit our class again .

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