Thursday, June 16, 2011

science roadshow

On the 9th of june the year 7's and 8 student all went down to tamaki collage for a roadshow to learn about science experiment because it relate to our topic bigger,better,faster,stronger.

Each class has different times to go walks down to tamaki so we all spit in to 6 groups and in six groups there are 4 student
in my group Victoria was my leader and the rest of my group is Beni,Tule,miracle and me we really didn't stay all together we all because we all wanted to go to different themes.

Each group had a piece of paper and on the paper it had question on it.and there is a blank paper to write our notes about things that they didn't know about and that they want to know more about it.

As we were all wonder around in different places i went to a this Conner where one of the doors were i really wasn't sure what that place was called but i pretty had fun staying there,as soon as i saw those card that Paul and Jane was talking about that on that card there has to be more then 2 clicks or just 2 only so as soon as i saw it i grap it so that i could start before time was up so i quickly read it and explain about there it goes i made 4 clicks as soon as Paul said stop.

It was really cool going there an i really want to go back and visited them to learn about more things.

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