Thursday, December 8, 2011

My netbook refections

In our school our year 5 to 8 student's all have a netbook to work on.this year everyone got there netbooks received.the year 7 and 8's also get's to take it home in term 3.

The reason why i really enjoy doing my work on my netbook be cause i can play and learn and to also find more information about things i wanted to know and instead of waiting to go on a computer to search it up but as we have our netbooks we can search up when ever we need help.

The thing i didn't like about netbooks was that sometimes when you do something it doesn't do anything and then it tells you to quit but when i quit it doesn't save anything, but apart from that netbooks are really cool to work with.

Last year i was really stuck in my learning because i didn't really understand what the subject was meaning. but this year as we all have netbooks when i need more information about it i search it up.

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