Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Desgins furniture for the street ...

design furniture for our street
In our year 7&8 street we have a problem of people who is not respect the
street but the reason why they are not respect it is because there are nothings to respect so instead and all they do is run and shout in the street so what rm 22 doing is trying to make everyone love the street by making new furniture.

The next part of the design process was to research and part of research was to find something one the Internet and had a interesting tables. as me and my partner destiny research for a table there was a similar table to a ipod so what i did was to draw that table but then made a little change about it so that it can be creative then the one that i found.

now to the first design that we did modify so what we did is that we had to generate ideas and to make a final designs.

I feel happy about what i am doing and i hope i do the right thing.

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