Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Senior sport rotation


“Were you a leader on Monday for the Junior Sports Rotation ?” Mr Harris asked. me.
“Yes I was,” I replied.  
“Perhaps you’d better go to the hall then. Mr Burt will be needing you for the Senior Sports Rotation this morning.

Sprinting to the hall from the pour of rain , I was excited to help be a captain for the Matatua team 1. I had to take over Tina because she didn't come in time. In the hall was gong to be a sport activity for the teams 4 and 5. All team houses got split into 4 groups.

Matatua team 1’s first rotation was with Mr Jacobsen. We had to sit in the music room and watch our production 2010 which was called “The Toy Shop “ We saw some of the seniors when they were small. It made me smile really big seeing them on the production. They looked cute! Sadly we didn’t get to watch it to the end because we had other fun activities to do.  I was also sad that the rotations were so short times.

I really had fun with the sport rotation but it needed to have more time in it . At the end of our rotation we had to go back to the hall and watch P.E.E.N in our line of groups.  Watching P.E.N.N was a bit funny because Mrs Tele’a had put in a movie from when most of us were little!

It came to the time that we all had to tally the points. Most of the people I asked said they had less than 90 points. They thought I was cheating because my group had 120 so  I replied to them “It’s just because my group is cool like that”.After they were all totaled up Matatua had came 1st place. To be honest we couldn't have come 1st place without Mr Jacobsen giving out random points like the 500 he gave the other Matatua team!

Well I had an AWESOME DAY. I just hope we can do it again so us students can have funAlso it gave the teachers a chance to kick back having a look around the junior school.  There were many activities to like and  I had fun meeting the juniors. THANKS MR BURT FOR THINKING ABOUT IT ! :))

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