Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Netball Mania!

"Come and get your uniform ready and meet us at the court at 6" our coach Roslyn said.
Every Tuesday night our year 6 to 8 netball girls go down to the court to play a game of netball but for the year 4 and 5's they play every Thursday night.

This week our year 8 team 1, had a late game which gave us a chance to play against Baradene. In the end, the score ended up being 15-14 but the main thing was, we had fun!

On the first quarter of the game my position was GD (goal defence), I didn't like who I was defending because she was taller then me so my goal was to try not to step and to get the ball off the other team.  As soon as the game  started we all had to run to our started position.

I really didn't feel like playing in front of the supporters because there was  a lot of them but I had to play I tried really hard in the first half but I couldn't keep up with my partner because she was way fitter then me.

So on the 2nd quarter I had to sub out to watch what my partner was trying to do. By then we were starting to catch up to them cause they were winning and we were doing some good defend.

There were 4 quarters and this was the 3rd quarter that I hop back to the game.This time I wasn't GD I had to be a GA(goal attack). I wasn't proud of myself on the court because I knew I could play better but I choose not too.

Well I reckon that the last quarter was hard because that when us teams had gone best I had to go on goal shoot because Tina had to go off we had quite a good game trying our best but we had lost by 1 point. Hope to win on our next game.

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